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    Welcome to Men Up North

    Welcome to our community



    • A place where you can take off the masks that you wear in society.
    • A place you can express yourself authentically.
    • A place you are truly listened to.
    • A place where we appreciate difference whilst in exploration of what brings us together
    • A place to be welcomed as you are and foster a feeling of belonging.
    • A place of diversity in perspectives, lived experience, heritage background and age.
    • A place to experiment with different approaches.

    What is
    Men Up North?

    Since 2017, MEN UP NORTH have been on a mission to normalise honest conversations on male mental health and challenge unhelpful narratives around masculinity. We started with regular group coaching sessions, utilising evidenced based methodologies with the aim of creating a unique psychologically safe space for diverse men to discuss their challenges. We soon realised that we were tackling symptoms rather than root causes. We noticed in so many of the groups that we have run that it was often these unconscious and embedded patterns of thinking and narratives that lead men towards disconnection with their emotional world, with other men, and with their communities and the natural world.

    Our Mission

    We’re on a mission to help men to alter and unravel those unhelpful narratives. In our sessions we share tools that help men develop the confidence and resilience to navigate an increasingly complex world. All the activities that we run have been carefully designed with this in mind: to help men to develop better connections with themselves, their communities, and nature. Have a read of our Underpinning Principles to learn more.  Currently, we run regular: Group coaching sessions, Community allotment, dads in business, mindful calligraphy.
    Some of the other activities we have run are seasonal and funding dependent. Examples include Foraging, Bushcraft, Nature Walking Groups, Woodlands Weekend Resilience Retreat, Growing Microgreens Course, Online Cooking Groups, University Symposium of Masculinity. The list is growing and is co-created based on the demand from our community.

    Check out our activity calendar:



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    Since discovering men up North, specifically during lockdown, the experience worked wonders for me to have a group of men willing to listen and or talk. Would recommend to anyone.
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    I started attending Men Up North just as the pandemic struck. I was looking for a community of open, compassionate and honest men who were able to share from their hearts what was real for them. The flip side was a community of men who could support, listen and hold men in the circle without judging. The group has not disappointed. The range of subjects discussed, experiences shared and perspectives offered has been amazing. The group is very well held. Recommended for any man seeking support and looking to offer support.
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    Men Up North has been a really important space for me to meet with other men and be part of a group that is authentic, non judgemental and genuinely supportive. It’s a great antidote to feeling isolated and alone in dealing with life’s problems.
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    I found MUN by chance on social media and wanted to find out more. Despite reading what the group was about I was unsure if it would be right for me. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the group is incredibly welcoming, warm and non-judgemental. The open sessions have and continue to help my mental health greatly; firstly by being able to express my feelings, and secondly to be heard. Truly a safe space for men.

    Magid Magid

    There are layers to the pressures of being a man in the modern world, growing up in Sheffield I always felt that there wasn’t a space for men to come and talk and exist without judgement. Men Up North is an incredible platform that provides a much-needed space for men to get together, have a real talk and is something we need now more than ever, as mental health is an epidemic amongst men.
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    David Divine

    I wish to thank Men Up North for their perception of the necessity, courage and courageous discarding of their comfort zones, to engage in a conversation that is painful, discomforting but essential, which is ‘what is racism’ and how does the murder of George Floyd in the glare of world attention, impact on us all and what response should we make as individuals of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.We all have a role to play and we can effect change.