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Join us on a mission to:

1/ Normalise honest conversations on mental health & masculinity for men.
2/ Explore what it means to be a man in the 21st century
3/ Equipping young men with strategies to deal with social pressures and impact of ‘toxic masculinity’.

Did you know that 75% of people who take their own lives are men, yet only 36% of talking therapy session referrals are from men? (Men’s Health Forum).

So far...

M.U.N provided over 500 spaces for men in our groups, engaged over 1000 men and women internationally in conversations of masculinity.

M.U.N have been featured on BBC Look North, ITV, BBC radio Sheffield and championed by Cllr Magid, Member of European Parliament & 2018-2019 Lord Mayor of Sheffield.

This past year we've been exploring different ways of engaging with men & proven that the demand for this space for men is needed.

So far MUN have done regular group coaching, health & nature walking group, a symposium of Masculinity at Sheffield Hallam University & even taken over a trendy barbershop to attract younger crowds to our community.

There is also an online community of men, which support each other via social media.


MEN UP NORTH (M.U.N) is a men only group sessions to create a safe space to have open honest conversations. We are a forward thinking community of men from the ages of 21-60 from 15 different heritage and social backgrounds from the unwaged, students to successful business owners. 
M.U.N sessions are monthly and our CAN WE TALK are always fully booked with a waiting list. The latest one was full within 3 hours!

The aim is to bring men from wide age groups and different walks of life together to share, listen and to gain an understanding of the different perspectives on issues men face relating to mental health and navigating what it means to be man in the modern world.

Our focus is men's mental health and suicide prevention.


Why was MEN UP NORTH started?

MUN is lead by Angga kara Inspire
Men's mental health expert, resilience and mindfulness coach & TEDx speaker.
He helps men to connect to their authentic self to achieve greater clarity, purpose and passion.

It started as a symposium of Masculinity by Sheffield Hallam University in 2014.
In 2017, three of his male friends committed suicide. Going to their funerals broke his heart. Upon research, the realisation is that it’s an epidemic and men all over England are suffering.

Sessions are designed to form a journey to help raise levels of self-awareness and to help men take responsibility with their own lives, goals, actions and feelings with open, honest and non-judgemental discussions.

He has developed a unique philosophy and ways of working to really engage men to have open honest conversations.

“ There are layers to the pressure of being a man in the modern world, growing up in Sheffield I always felt that there wasn't a space for men to come and talk and exist without judgment.
MEN UP NORTH is an incredible platform that provides a much-needed space for men to get together, have a real talk and is something we need now more than ever as mental health is an epidemic amongst men”,
said Cllr. Magid,
Lord Mayor of Sheffield

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