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    Mindful Calligraphy Sessions

    An exciting collaboration between Enso (Calligraphy artist) and MEN UP NORTH, join us to learn the basics of calligraphy and mindfulness. We've run taster workshops which were fully booked and are now designing a course to delve deeper in the practice.

    What is it?

    Come with us on a journey of line and space.
    Taster workshop exploring the basics of western calligraphy & mindfulness.
    Specifically aimed at beginners and those who have an interest in calligraphy.

    What will I learn?

    1. How to set up your workspace
    2. How to construct letters
    3. How does awareness of the breath come into it
    4. Ultimately, a chance to give it a go

    What do I need to bring?

    Nothing! An open mind.   What if I want to learn more after this session?
     We will be running more in depth sessions.

    Breathing practice video


    Who is it lead by?

    Enso originally studied as an illustrator and over time has worked in many different areas of the art industry. He has had the influence of calligraphy from a young age through his grandmother who is a master calligrapher. 
    He combines aspects of calligraphy, drawing, geometry and pattern making into unique pieces of art suitable for numerous applications ranging from prints to murals and large canvases. He regularly uses cardboard as a canvas as it has a natural affiliation with a Wabi Sabi aesthetic and is a good juxtaposition with the sophistication of the calligraphic marks.  Enso has a focus on drawing and the journey one takes during that process. It is a reflection of the moment; imagery and lines informed by the experience of the outside world through the prism of the individual mind.