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    In Apr 2021, on being awarded charitable status we re-visioned what the future looks like for MEN UP NORTH. Our new expanded vision is not only about developing community and promoting open dialogue and healthier connections between all men. It's also about inclusivity, and access to green spaces. We want to challenge some of the established Cultural barriers that stop migrant and ethnic minority men accessing, and benefiting from green spaces: and increase accessibility to green spaces for BAME (Black Asian Ethnic Minority) communities and those who are economically challenged or excluded.

    So... We decided to fundraise to buy a forest 🌳 to achieve our new vision.

    Curious where this came from? Read on….

    So far, we’ve engaged over 2500 men in activities, and over 6000 people in conversations of masculinity, men’s mental health and created a variety of different projects.We’ve utilised tools and techniques from Positive Psychology, Acceptance Commitment Therapy & developed ‘ men’s safe space conversations’ methodology that guarantees to get men who are strangers to be open and vulnerable within the 3 hours session, and this is what we’re building on. If this aligns with you, join and support our new vision towards a fairer sustainable future.