Dads in Business

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    Dads in Business was born out of one of our external engagements; Angga Kara was invited to do a keynote on burnout and mental health in an event. Rob Taylor was listening in the audience and lots of the points shared resonated with him, wondering if he was burning out. Rob is a dad of 4, a business owner and finding juggling the roles and responsibilities challenging.
    Through many conversations and initial research with other dads we found that there was a gap of support.  

    We decided to create a supportive network for dads called Dads In Business. 

    We’re on a mission to support 10,000 dads in the workplace.

    Dads in Business provide spaces and forums to enable honest and open conversations about the roles, responsibilities and pressures that come with being a Dad in business. The sessions are structured but informal, and all are welcomed and encouraged to share their experiences to help both themselves and others in the group. As well as group sessions, there is also a GEB (Good Enough DAD) network with dads from all over the world joined in.

    So far we’ve engaged 1400 Dads worldwide. We create custom programmes for SMES to Corporate to engage staff in topics of wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion, Intersectionality, Men’s Mental Health, Fatherhood and more.

    Let’s connect & have a conversation to see how we can organise DADS IN BUSINESS Discovery session.

    We conducted research with 50 dads in leadership positions from 6 countries for the barriers as a working dad in CV19. See
    We’re in the process of partnering with University Of Sheffield Management School on a research project. Contact us ( ) if you would like to join to be part of the research.

    “ Research has extensively explored how employees manage work and non-work roles, identifying various strategies that are helpful, such as integrating or separating both life domains and using physical, temporal or psychological boundaries.

    To a large extent, this research has however focused on women and mothers as they continue to cover the lion share of household and childcare responsibilities. While we thus know how role transitions, such as into parenthood, shape mothers’ understanding of who they are both professionally and privately, little is known about men’s understanding of themselves as Dads and leaders/ employees.

    While women face prejudice when occupying senior leader roles, Dads face stereotypes when wanting to be an active Dad. This research thus aims to better understand what it means for men to be Dads and how organisations and policy can better support them to be the Dads and leaders/employees they want to be.

    As a first stage of this project, we will conduct focus groups with Dads to provide initial insights into barriers and strategies. “ Kristin Hildenbrand – University of Sheffield Management School.

    Case study : Amazon Worldwide

    1 Discovery + 4 sessions.
    Attended by over 800 Dads in total.
    Engaged dads in leadership positions as far as Japan, USA, Singapore and more. 

    QUOTE: “For me personally, it was powerful to set that time aside for myself, to fit my own oxygen mask before helping others.” 

    “I felt they (the sessions) were very effective, having a working session every two weeks, to build a new sense of community among the Dads at Amazon (worldwide), and to work through some tough topics that we rarely have the opportunity to discuss.

    It was great to see the hundreds of Dads who took part in the sessions, and all the excellent conversations and friendships that sprung up as people opened up to each other, and the survey results were fantastic.”

    For employers and Dads in the workplace who want to explore what support looks like and how safe space conversations suit the working environment, the Dads In Business Discovery Session is a fantastic introduction to the topic of supporting Dads in the workplace. 

    We introduce the 4 key areas of Dad focus with real life lived experiences and shared ideas about how to manage the many roles of Dad.

    “Quite cathartic!”

    “Just what we needed”

    “The success of our meetings is clear from the open and honest discussion between a group of men. Rob and Angga have developed our understanding, changed our mindset and made it feel OK for men to discuss their feelings.”

    The structure of the sessions has been trialled and tested from Men Up North group coaching sessions, which we know are successful. If you want more information on this, you can see our Underpinning Principles page.

    For more information, please see the Dads in Business website at