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    Men Up North is led by Angga Kara, an executive resilience and mindfulness coach and TEDx speaker. He helps men to connect to themselves to help achieve greater clarity and purpose. In 2017, three of Angga’s friends took their own lives. Going to their funerals broke his heart, but also raised his awareness about the current crisis in male Mental Health: which is largely driven by the variety of pressures in life and social norms around masculinity, which make it difficult for men to have open conversations about managing their Emotional and Mental health.

    This realisation, along with his own personal experiences of navigating through 2 burnouts, existential crisis and suicidal ideation, inspired Angga to do something and the MEN UP NORTH group coaching sessions were born. The sessions have continued to develop into what we believe is a unique approach and experience for men based on our tried and tested underpinning principles as testified to by some of our attendees. The organisation has gone from strength to strength, developing a variety of activity groups to engage more men, with a particular focus on increasing the diversity of our group. We focus on and honour the things that connect us as human beings, rather than focus on difference. Check out our MUN community allotment for the latest addition to our sessions.The team has also grown and we continue to learn and adapt. In 2021, we received our charitable status with an enhanced vision of what we want to achieve. The current Covid 19 pandemic and the climate crisis, have only highlighted the need for continuing to try to change the conversation, by working to develop connectedness and authentic leadership in men, for this generation and the next.