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    Guided Foraging Walks

    Join us to learn the principles of foraging combined with honest conversations. Lead by an experienced forager and our Head Coach.
    We’ve run 10 sessions in total supporting over 100 diverse men in these walks. 
As it was funding dependent, the project is now finished.
    Interested in supporting to continue the project? If you are a keen / experienced forager we would love to hear from you!  We would like to collaborate with more leaders. Especially diverse nature leaders

    What is it?

    Unique facilitated walk where we will:
    • Learn what we can forage in nature & forage
    • Facilitated 'men's safe space conversations' where as men we are able to take the masks off we wear and have real, honest conversations
    • Be in a community with other like minded men, who are seeking deeper connections in life rather than the superficial
    • Conversations linked to an archetypical way of thinking

    How much?

    We're working on a pay-it-forward model. Pay what you think it's worth so other men moving forward can experience this as well. MEN UP NORTH is a not-for-profit organisations, mainly relying on volunteers. Although this particular project is funded for sessional costs, the budget is limited in time on what we can offer. As it's a new project, significant time has been put to discuss, plan and execute which was all done in-kind.
    A photo of James Adams

    James Adams

    I left my career in Local government 12 years ago after getting an allotment and finding myself calmer, more energised and happier when spending time working the land. I realised the desk-job, although financially rewarding, had become unfulfilling and my life needed to change. Having felt the power of connecting with nature in this way I was inspired to help facilitate this connection for others.
    I started Unity Edible Gardens 10 years ago, and alongside more conventional gardening and landscaping, I offer edible garden design and consultation and lead food-growing workshops, foraging walks and courses. Over 350 people have attended these workshops and walks, mostly in the Sheffield area.
    I'm also passionate about men's work and have benefitted from the connection and support from other men, I've been involved in MKP (The Man Kind Project) for the last 4 years and have since then co-founded another men's group in Sheffield. I live in Sheffield with my wife and our 6 year old daughter, whom we home-educate (she knows lots about plants!). We are fortunate to have a medium-sized garden to grow plenty of our own food in.
    My mission is to co-create a world of beauty and unity through cultivating wildness and connection!