Can we talk?

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    The “Can We Talk” group coaching sessions focus on personal growth, safe space conversations and community. The sessions offer a new piece of learning at the start of every session, which increases self-awareness and allows men to learn how to take responsibility for their own lives, goals and feelings. This is achieved through open, honest, confidential and non-judgemental discussions.

    This type of knowledge is usually confined to those in leadership positions, however we feel it is important to share this knowledge with everyone, no matter your background, age or heritage. The sessions have been developed from previous feedback to ensure the content provided is exactly what the men want to learn and discuss.  The sessions place an emphasis on community, encouraging everyone to stand together, support each other and that it is okay not to be okay. The sessions are free and open to any men over the age of 18, no matter what background, class or heritage you come from.

    I went to the men up north – can we talk today with a friend out of interest and was taken aback by the group. They were friendly, engaging and surprisingly open, the atmosphere was nice and relaxing as well

    Verbal Kint

    So far, Men Up North has hosted over 500 safe spaces for men, stemming into several projects. These projects include group sessions taking place in award winning barbershops and pubs, with plans to also host breakdancing, yoga and boxing activities as part of a session. The idea of these projects being based in these locations is that men traditionally already occupy these spaces, therefore encouraging men to attend. The aim of this is to reframe the conversations that occur within these spaces, to transform them into positive and healthy discussions.

    One of the most successful events held by Men Up North was in an award-winning barbershop. A barbershop is inter-generational and is a place people gather to socialise. Men Up North wanted to carry on with these traditions, whilst also adding in safe space conversations for men to participate in. The barbershop itself has a following of over 100,000 on Instagram and is famous across the world. This high status is good to attract and encourage younger men to attend, as a men’s coaching session held in a trendy, popular barbershop is a unique experience. Sometimes barbers stay over and cut hair, a bonus.

    Enlightened by tonight’s barber shop cut and talk. I look forward to seeing you all again soon

    Mark Y-ted

    These sessions are incredibly popular and are always fully booked with a waiting list, proving the demand is there for male safe spaces.

    To book onto a session, please follow the link below:
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