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    Men Up North is led by Angga Kara, a men’s mental health expert, resilience and mindfulness coach and TEDx speaker. He helps men to connect to themselves to help achieve greater clarity and purpose.

    In 2014, Angga was part of a symposium called Men Up North: Being a man, at Sheffield Hallam University.

    In 2017, three of Angga’s friends took their own lives. Going to their funerals broke his heart, and on further research he found that male mental health was in a crisis across the country. Men are faced with various pressures in life that they often carry and hold inside them. Due to this, it becomes difficult to be emotionally honest and have open conversations about how they are feeling, and how to deal with this.

    This epidemic, and his own personal experiences, inspired Angga to create a unique experience for men based on our tried and tested philosophy we know works.